Here we go!

It can be scary doing anything new. Moving to a new place. Starting at a new job or school. Trying to meet new friends. I have been scared a lot lately for most of those reasons – but that’s a good thing. As someone told me once, if something doesn’t scare you just a little bit, it means you don’t care enough.

So I’m a little nervous getting this coffee house series off the ground, and stepping in front of that microphone to host these events and share my words. But I know from experience that it is all worth it: the fear quickly turns to exhilaration as I’m surrounded by talented wordsmiths and musicians – and appreciative audiences who are looking to connect with new ideas and old friends.

If you want to come be part of our kick-off event but you’re feeling a little nervous, that’s okay. It means you care. About art and creativity and connectedness. If you share during open mic, it doesn’t matter that your voice might quiver a bit or the paper in your hand might shake. Because you’re fueling those important parts of yourself and the community just by being there.

Please come and share on Tuesday, September 13 @ 7pm. Or come and share in the good stuff that’s bound to happen. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, I’ve never regretted taking a leap of faith into something I care about.



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